Why Choose Us: Its a small world and word travels fast.

Building and maintaining a good reputation has helped Brian McGiness Construction grow.  The East End is a relatively small community and our business is largely referral based.  So we do our best to ensure that as neighbors are recommedning builders for their upcoming construction project, our name appears at the top of the list.


Below are a few key principles that drive our relationships and define our business.


On Time - Let's work together to set attainable goals and timelines.  There are times when Mother Nature makes it hard to be productive, but we'll do our best to complete your job on time.

Budget in Mind - Budgetary surprises are not fun for either party.  Experience enables us to stay within budget and notify you if the gunite pool will be $5,000 or $75,000.

Knowledge of Local Codes - Building codes vary from town to town and they get trickier near wetlands.  We work within these rules at all times - if there are any questions, we ask before proceeding.

You’ll Hear From Us - Great communication drives great results.  We are happy to collaborate - its our job to make your dream come to life.

Skilled Craftsmen - Our team takes pride in their work.  We are thrilled to contribute the the rich architectural history of Long Island's East End.


No Detail is Too Small - Small mistakes can tarnish a big investment.  We'll  pay attention to the fine points to ensure that you are satisfied with the end result.


Please call or email with any questions!