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Vermox parasitic agent treatment Ascariasis, enterobiasis, trichuriasis are used in the infection of hookworms. Pharmacological action has shown that a large number of deworming (parasitic) drugs are acting on parasites, which have no effect on enterobacia and trixostrongylose effects. The use of glucose in glucose reduces the glycogen reserve * s or stops the synthesis of ATP and cell Tubulate: Cells measure metabolic disorders resulting from non-returnable parasites or s. The program does not give the instructions: Ascaris Causes An oscillatory parasitic disease) Enterobiasis (pinworm) is a parasite disease caused by a disease caused by whipworm caused by infection (nematodes caused by the disease). Trixostrongylose. Operating instructions for vermo-enterobiasis - 100 mg once (Table 1). Duration of treatment - 3 days. Another course of treatment (after 2 weeks) prevents the recovery. Vermox cases of children up to 12 months are found in hookworms infection, Askariasise, richocephalosis, or mixed gum syndrome and adult dose twice a day (preferably morning and evening) 100 mg. Duration of treatment is 3 days. Recommendations for the treatment of strongyloidosis and taeniasis include 200 mg twice daily (duration * or three days). Child * or single dose is 100 mg once a day (- 3 days).