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compactly and firmly seated as is the astragalus, and that, aside

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twinkle in her eye; and because our lives will forever

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ease usually does, to new fields; also the continued high tem-

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an ass, afterward a foal by a horse, the foal exhibits traces of the ass. Cases

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tubes, and its almost constant associate, vesicular emphysema ; con-

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likely to be confounded with it. The disease, I may say here, is not phtheiriasis

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special characteristics of the pulse in infancy, and of the constitution

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opinion that the death was caused by violence, he shall at once notify

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education of women because they are satisfied to have only male

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mistakes in attempting what is, in itself, possible, by

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vantages, owing to the fact that he has not to master a foreign

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be in the region of the straight sinus, not free enough

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animals. The skeletal planes may chondrify or ossify, and be conTcrted into

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pectoral fremitus, and feeble respiration — signs which are char-

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August 8. — Though much relieved for some days after the

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the nutritive process, whether these substances be directly furnished by

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Partnerships among university components and with the University of Maryland Medical

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while the more acute the attack and the more rapidly its pro-

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bed air mattresses and zvater mattresses are used. The air mat-

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only in connection with infantile mortality and tuberculosis, but also in

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in large doses, whether as an antiphlogistic or an antipyretic, the

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beloved and cherished friend and co-worker ; always ready with his mind,

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it has its characteristic blood picture, lymphocytic leukemia has

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placed by the outward rotation of the thigh and flexion

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result is produced chiefly by stimulation of the heart — the mean

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by the instrument is so trivial, that the too early appearance of inflamma

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This poultice is made from the inner bark of the slippery

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added to the culture media exert neither a favorable nor a retarding

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of heart failure. The death-rate is alwa>-s a heavy one. Tlius

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served within two hours subsequent to inoculation. Among cattle

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conditions charaeterized by profuse discharge of tenacious mucous, sub-acute inflammation, erosions and

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digestion continued perfectly normal. The only indication of her

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was never observed. After two or three hours they became sluggish

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foot of the Wind River Mountains, and from Hailey north-

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to its own method. The Congress, as such, does not in

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partment, is authority for the statement that no epi-

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Turn into a mould; and when cold, serve with sugar or cream.

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leeching and blistering on the right side of the head; no other cica-

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desired proportion, stirring constantly. Then set the mixture

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common one, which claims attention here ; it is the habit of inattention