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* These represent estimates for positive predictive values: almost diagnostic (over 90%); very helpful (80-90%) and helpful


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Remedy. — Diuretics, salines, oil of turpentine. Digi-

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witnessed at these different periods of existence ; and

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mentation, which is probably due to the previous long continued use

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up almost uninterruptedly for three hours, when the mouse died. Toward the

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purchase was never completed, and the design of retirement was

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case is measured by weeks, and but one termination is possible.

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. A feeling of tightness about the lower part of the chest.

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axis more or less intact. (8.) Lateral amyotrophic sclerosis, the

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cultivated in gardens, and bears blue flowers in May and June.

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to 0.23 mm. in diameter, lined with columnar epithelial

precose drug cost

sceptical criticism. Since I have studied the subject more closely

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The combed product is called the " top." Such fibres as are altogether

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respectively to lime water) ; here this fact should be made known

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tional neuralgia is to be discriminated from the pain incident to neuroma

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the fascia trausversalis within and the aponeurosis of the

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ulceration or waxy degeneration of the intestinal tracL

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elapse without injury to the tube in which they are

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1 . All cortical lesions of the cerebral hemispheres in man do not give rise

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cafls this ** smalUunged emphysema,'' aiul the ordinary form ^^ large-lunged

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tion, Avhich was made in exposing the artery on that

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SORY CAVITIES. A Condensed Text-book. By Seth Scott Bishop, M.D.. LL.D. , Professor in

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not one cent would he give to send anyone to the insti-

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obatraction lie finds in the fact that a dropsical enlargement of

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In malaria it is the red blood-corpuscles that first suffer. There

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societies is one of the evidences of the development of

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acted so if his " better self " had had time to assert itself.

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some importance. There are cases in which the organ-

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character is described by the patient as lancinating, burning, bearing

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physical signs over the upper part of the chest are

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serve to distinguish it from tuberculous laryngitis.

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fallacy of such a cell theory will, however, be manifest by considering

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particularly a thiazide diuretic. INDERAL LA is not indicated in the management of hypertensive

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Treatment. — Rest. Light diet and nutrient tonics (malt,

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