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believe that they are justified in producing an abortion because
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One case surprised me very much. The child was very ill and had vomited,
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the tumour. It contained a large haemorrhagic corpus luteum which
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menstruation. In many cases there were only molimina, or a
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sible danger of bums that is involved in the use of the Boentgen rays.
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not included in the previous classes, many of which, though not
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an article on this subject w'hich was published in the Bulletiv
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the last twenty-two years, and in every one of them recent morbid changes
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1. As to the nature oi the malady. While every sickness must be
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rubbed off with soft soap, or liquor, potassse, a red, moist surface presents
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faid to purify the atmofphere more tlian any other gales. The fea-
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peutic effects of the ligation of large arteries. In
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for is lamentably defective, inasmuch as the only authority
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my views : I do not claim to have presented anything
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tion it affords of the availability of this apparatus for
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of the column of urine is brought to the boiling-point. A comparison of this
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are not sufficient alone to establish the diagnosis of inflammation of the brain.
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Investigations into the time required in the stomach diges-
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the distention of the tubes, and the muco-purulent char-
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Contraindications: Acute intermittent porphyria and allergic or
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to hide inherent defects, not to exterminate them; inbreeding only tends
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of slender cylindrical pieces of fibrin, which have evidently been
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periodicities in the epidemics of whooping-cough. The average intervals
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Agricola, Georgius. Libri quinque de mensuris et ponderibus; in quibus
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from 1886 until 1909, the year of his death, he was an able optician as well as a
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or claws, as is frequently the case in keloid. Histologically, as well
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sick, feverish, without chill ; has never had htemoptysis.
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adults. The infant showed no ill effects of the pro-
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tificates, 47 on second grade county certificates, and the rest, 141, held but
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Disinfection with Carboformal Glow-Blocks.— By Dieu-
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deficiency in development. This is not a distinguishing feature
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appear on the anterior lobes, running nearly parallel to each
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May 31st. She was seen during the latter part of the
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during some of the attacks; this disappeared in the intervals when he
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Bassini operation when we know it is best adapted to the case, in order to
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watchmen, and kindred occupations furnished 7 deaths
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• DEXA - ‘gold standard for evaluating osteoporosis"
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In one section there is a cellular irruption into an air tube and in the proliferated
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value of his own work by disparaging that of his famous
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the pediatric population as a whole, there is simi-
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