Ketoconazole 200 Mg Tablets For Dogs Side Effects

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The function of Nizoral is based on the ketoconazole that fungicatic action against fungistatic and dimorphic fungus and yeast, Eumycetes, dermatophytes, multi-colored lichen, crankocox, trihofitonom, epidermophytosis, the results Staphylococcus, Streptococcus. Nizoral is treated on most of the positive reviews on the basis of seborrhea treatments of Pityrosporum bacteria. External application when active substance is not absorbed in the Nizoral's systemic blood flow. Notifier for use: Nizoral tablets are set: To prevent coconut infections in patients with weak immune system, E-mucosa's coconut infection, chronic yeast, nails, skin cure infections, soft bacteria, systematic mycosis G. After being chemotherapy. Instructions for use: Nizoral tablets are recommended to take with food. Adults should take 200 megapixel / day. In some cases, food has increased to 400 millimeters. The duration of the treatment depends on the evaluation. Six months or a year, tennis caps or versicolor - 10 days, systemic mycosis - 1 or 2 months, skin and mouth candidiasis - 2 or 3 weeks, spray - 5 days grand treatment remains less than one month, onychomycosis . The descent can also be given to the children. They (kinderss) are calculated by weight loss daily daily: given 100 mg / day for prevention of coconut 15 to 30 kg children - 4-8 mg / kg.