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Estrace has a feminizing effect on the body, stimulates the development of stroma and tissue in the gland of the vagina, the vagina, the uterus, the ovaries, the nipples and the reproductive organs the second male sexual properties (fat upper and lower), the growth and the closed epipses long bone Ukal. Estrace contributes to a general repudiation of the uterine bleeding, causing a higher concentration of bone erosion in endometrial suppression. Thyroxine, iron, copper, and blood concentrations are high. The procoagulant effect of blood, vitamin K-based blood clotting factors (II eighth, IX, X), increases the liver, lower antithrombin tertiary levels. Use of menstrual and menstrual periods, estrogen deficiency, lateral puberty, lateral puberty, alopecia hyperandrogenemia threatened hudugies polycystic ovarian syndrome, excessive hair, uterine immobility, mahileyarues premature bleeding, uterine bleedings, postcoital contraception, mahileyarues case before menstruation , Li stiyoporocis copy, and mahileyarues purusarues metastases of breast cancer (palliative treatment), prostate cancer (palliative treatment). Durability and administration: Estrace will break into the following 7 days below, and then continue to treat the therapy, where the calf will take up orally, without eating a small amount of 2 mg dos nirinaes per day for 21 days. The treatment period reaches up to 6 months. A uterine postmenopausa women or women removal may begin any day. When normal menstrual cycle and reception, 5 cycles start with the first tablet day (1 = 1 menstrual cycle day day).